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About Mediaservices

Mediaservices was established in 1995 as a media consultancy with emphasis on producing press releases that were actually hard news stories

Operated by a group of seasoned media specialists familiar with all aspects of the media, Mediaservices is based in Johannesburg but operates throughout the Southern African sub-continent. It has a mutual assistance agreement with Gillmeister Inc., a New York-based media consultancy.

Headed up by award-winning foreign correspondent, Gerry Pieterse, Mediaservices has consulted for some of the largest companies in South Africa.

Our specific areas of expertise include the preparation and distribution of media releases and liaising with the print and electronic media (radio and TV)

We train company executives in effective ways of communicating with the media and in how to gain maximum benefit from interacting with the media.

Our offices are situated in Linden, Johannesburg, and a 24-hour emergency media liaison backup service is available.

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