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Media Training

When it comes to media training, one size does not fit all firms.

That’s why we make certain that our clients are well prepared for radio, television and print interviews. We’ll work closely with you in advance of the interview to ensure that you understand your objectives and the nature of your products and services. We provide media training only to our existing PR service clients.

We can simulate a variety of interviewing situations and advise on how to best maximise every media encounter.

Among issues covered are:

Adapting message points for various media.

  • Developing and delivering powerful sound bites.
  • Think like reporters, hosts, and producers, and provide information in the most “media-friendly” way.
  • Identify potential problem areas and devise effective tactics for turning difficult questions into opportunities.
  • “Redirect” questions to maintain control of the interview and reinforce the message points.
  • Use verbal and nonverbal language to emphasise key points.
  • Eliminate distracting vocal patterns and physical gestures.
  • Avoid over-answering and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • Analyse and respond to vague, uninformed, or loaded questions.
  • Gracefully handle difficult or combative interviewers.
  • Work on closure techniques that reinforce the message points, provide a call to action, and leave a lasting impression.

Media training has become mandatory for business executives and professionals.

Do you want newspaper coverage that reflects what you’ve actually said? Would you like newspapers, radio and TV stations to use your best quotes? That’s what Mediaservices can do for you. I

Business executives and professionals no longer have the luxury of letting someone else do the media interviews. Sooner or later, it’s your turn. Mediaservices prepares you to excel in all media encounters, from routine interviews to crisis scenarios.


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