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Writing a press release is the cornerstone of public relations. On the one hand it has to get the client’s message across to the outside world. On the other hand it cannot be a marketing brochure because it will be immediately discarded by the news editor of the publication or electronic media on the receiving end. It is a delicate balancing act which firstly has to meet the need of the media organisation – in short it has to be a cracking good news story. On the other hand it has to contain the client’s marketing message but in such a manner that it is non-intrusive and almost subliminal. Hard-sell does not work because those press releases invariably end up in the dustbin.


Because Mediaservices has some of the top news writers in South Africa as both owners and staffers, we are able to produce hard-hitting and punchy press releases that can compete with running news stories from all over the world and accordingly regularly end up on the pages of all the major media in South Africa. Our stories have even been featured on the BBC World Service and on CNN.

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